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We completely believe you will find our POS so useful and easy, that you will never want to stop using it.


Robust catalog of services that bullion and coin dealers provide to consumers. Ability to add any service not listed with customizable descriptions and pricing.

Other Products

A catch all category that allows retailers to add products that are not part of the standard categories with customizable descriptions and pricing.

Real time reporting

Get real time reporting on sales and profitability. Transaction reports, date range reports, and inventory reports. All updated in real time.


Complete Red Book and growing international catalogs with automatic updates. Retailers can add any coin into their catalog should it not already be part of the default master catalog. Inventory integrated into an optional website shopping cart automatically for sale once a selling price is specified after a purchase. Robust inventory management tools. Buy or sell coins as a unique items or as a bulk purchase.


Buy all types of precious metals scrap (jewelry, flatware, industrial, etc) in a quick, easy, and customizable systems. Robust control and selling system to ensure inventory is tracked to minimize "slippage" and to comply with regulatory requirements.


Buy and sell gems in bulk or as unique items. Supports entry of all details from any grading report. Quick and easy reports for inventory control. Supports diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.


Exhaustive and continually updated catalog of items from all major mints around the world. Robust inventory management tools so that you can see exactly what you have along with your cost basis at any given time. Customized pricing support and integrated into both the Point-of-Sale and the optional shopping cart automatically.

Point-of-Sale system

A point-of-Sale system specifically designed for the Bullion and Coin industry's needs. Recording transactions, client management and robust reporting tools. All bundled into a simple interface. Supports single or multiple locations.

Bookkeeping and tax management

All data is exportable into a format needed by your bookkeeper or accountant for your profit and loss accounts. Sales tax management becomes simple with support for a sales tax rate for each location you own.

From Point-of-Sale to an Online Shopping Cart

Our POS is automatically integrated into an optional website and shopping cart. Buy something in person in your storefront and it will automatically appear for sale on your website. Online sales automatically update inventory levels so you never over-sell an item. Your customer can benefit from all of your website’s features on every device. From desktop to smartphone, we offer a consistent shopping experience. Easy, fast, Secure, and Professional.

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