News | August 24, 2023

Dillon Gage Metals Collaborates with Aureus POS to Provide Coin and Bullion Dealers with Enhanced Inventory Access

Today marks the beginning of a new and exciting collaborative partnership between Dillon Gage (FizTrade) and Aureus Point of Sale Software. The FizTrade platform was an innovative revolution to the bullion industry making it easier and more convenient for dealers to source their bullion needs. Aureus POS software is the leading inventory management and point of sale software for the coin and bullion industry. Aureus is launching Virtual Inventory in partnership with Dillon Gage, giving dealers an unprecedented opportunity to grow their customer base and expand their business.

Building upon Dillon Gage’s reputation for innovation, service, selection, and pricing, Aureus POS software now enables dealers to leverage the comprehensive inventory on FizTrade as their own online inventory. Virtual Inventory will enable dealers to offer the full line of FizTrade available products on the dealer’s Aureus-built website. A dealer can choose among all the available FizTrade inventory and be in full control of the pricing they set for each item. When a customer buys the product online the Aureus software simultaneously places the order on FizTrade thereby locking in pricing and profits. Aureus will generate the purchase and sale orders and inform the dealer of the transaction. The dealer can then choose their preferred delivery options.

Dealers can expand their business with:

  • No more need for large capital outlays to hold inventory
  • No more worrying about rapid and adverse market risk for pricing
  • No more difficultly in holding a very wide range of bullion products

Set up your account now with FizTrade and contact Aureus POS software at (415) 704.7706 email or visit the website at

About Aureus

Aureus Point of Sale Systems is a software company offering inventory management and point of sale software for the coin and bullion industry.  The company enables customers to present this inventory on Aureus built integrated websites and other online platforms.  The software allows users to manage their business with real time data, run reports, and manage their business with greater insight through accurate information of their company’s operations.

About Dillon Gage – FizTrade

Dillon Gage is the world leader in physical precious metals trading and technology, serving dealers, financial institutions, banks and brokerage houses around the globe. Since 1976, Dillon Gage has led innovation, advanced trading tools, technology and intellect. The firm is one of a handful who are authorized purchasers of bullion (including coins, rounds and bars) for all major world mints and maintains inventory in over 20 countries. Dillon Gage’s integrated products and services include numismatics, bullion and electronic trading of precious metals and fulfillment, API integration, physical gold tracked by blockchain technology, refining and storage. The firm operates FizTrade Online TradingIRAConnect, Dillon Gage Refining and International Depository Services Group, a privately-owned subsidiary of Dillon Gage, with locations in Delaware, Texas and Ontario. Dillon Gage’s philanthropic arm, HELPS International, provides relief, development and educational opportunities to Guatemala. Learn more about Dillon Gage at

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