News | August 24, 2023

Aureus Pos Integrates Upstate Coin & Gold’s Inventory and Trading into its Point-of-Sale Software

We are excited to announce that we have been working with Upstate Coin & Gold® to add new features to our Aureus Point of Sale Software. PlatformGold® was launched to make your bullion purchases from Upstate simple and convenient.

Aureus POS software is the coin and bullion industry’s leading inventory management and point-of-sale software. Aureus has been working with Upstate and is excited to launch Virtual Inventory, giving dealers unprecedented opportunities to grow their customer base and expand their business.

Building upon Upstate’s outstanding reputation for service, selection, and pricing, Aureus POS software now enables dealers to leverage Upstate’s comprehensive inventory as their virtual online inventory. Virtual inventory will enable dealers to offer the full line of Upstate’s products on the dealer’s Aureus-built website. A dealer can choose among all the available Upstate inventory and completely control the pricing they set for each item. When a customer buys the product online, the Aureus software can simultaneously place the order on PlatformGold®, thereby locking in pricing. Aureus will generate the purchase and sale orders and inform the dealer of the transaction. The dealer can then choose their preferred delivery options.

Dealers can expand their business with:

  • No more need for significant capital outlays to hold inventory.
  • No more worrying about the market risk and adverse pricing.
  • No more difficulty in holding an extensive range of bullion products.

Contact Aureus POS Software at (415) 704-7706, email, or visit the website at

Contact Upstate at (315) 637-1300 or to set up your account with PlatformGold® to integrate with Aureus. An active trading account with Upstate is required to access the data.

About Aureus

Aureus Point of Sale Systems is a software company offering inventory management and point-of-sale software for the coin and bullion industry. The company enables customers to present this inventory on Aureus-built integrated websites and other online platforms. The software allows users to manage their business with real-time data, run reports, and manage their business with greater insight through accurate information about their company’s operations.

About Upstate Coin & Gold®

Upstate Coin & Gold is a leading precious metals wholesaler committed to providing a competitive two-way coin and bullion market while delivering the best in service and logistics. Upstate supports 24/7 trading through its PlatformGold® trading technology and offers a comprehensive product line of thousands of investment and collector-grade precious metals.

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